Outside Reading — There’s Nothing We Can’t Do, If We Do It Together edition


Biden Wins Presidency, Ending Four Tumultuous Years Under Trump by Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns

Truly, how could I lead this post with anything else? This has been a rough, rough week, and it didn’t need to be. A nationwide victory margin of over four million votes, and counting, should be decisive enough. The agony of the last few days is due only to the antiquated chaos fomenter that is the Electoral College, compounded by the obstinance of Republican-led state legislatures in several key states that took their marching orders from the impulsive fool at the top of their party to prevent the common-sense solution of getting a jump on counting absentee ballots. The next couple months won’t be easy; the delusional tantrum thrower who officially holds the nation’s highest office until mid-January will see to that. But for now, it’s time for celebration. Where we live, horns blared and several neighbors came out to front stoops, everyone feeling the need to share the brief, tearful joy that this moment brings. It felt good, but I’m sure it doesn’t compare to how it must feel to be in the teeming thong of happy relief that is seemingly all of New York City.


Youth Voter Turnout Was High in 2020, But Youth Organizing Is the Big Story by Rainesford Stauffer

As Rainesford Stauffer notes in this article, published by Teen Vogue, the motto of seventeen-year-old Shoshie Hemley is “The fight doesn’t end today.” The picture above is a screenshot Hemley recent posted in her Twitter account, capturing a text she received. I know there is hard work ahead — undoing the deliberate destruction of federal systems could occupy the entirety of Joe Biden’s tenure as U.S. president — and I’m equally certain the Republicans are going to use every opportunity to amplify every anti-democratic tactic they’ve used in recent years — from gerrymandering to voter suppression — but young activists like Hemley, and the others profiled in the piece, give me real hope that the country will return to moving in the direction of equality and justice.


The Great State of Pennsylvania? No. The Greatest State. Also, Not a State. by Caity Weaver

Writing for The New York Times, Caity Weaver provides a fine appreciation of the state that officially pushed Biden past the Electoral College threshold to allow news organizations to safely, accurately declared the election decided. Among the many things I’m glad about today, one is that our messy election process made the venerable French newspaper Le Monde feel obligated to the answer the reader question “C’est quoi Gritty?”


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