The Art of the Sell — “Then Came the ‘Reckoning'”

These posts celebrate the movie trailers, movie posters, commercials, print ads, and other promotional material that stand as their own works of art.

Now that our regular Sunday diversion around these here digital parts has shifted to a spot on the lengthy survey where genuinely great albums are increasingly the norm, I find myself thinking more and more of the glory years of college radio. Reinvention, it seemed, could happen every time an album was retrieved from the new music rotation and the needle was placed just so. Much as I revel in the great releases from the time when I was an undergrad, I’m acutely aware that the standard bearers of college rock were already veterans by the time I first recorded transmitter readings. And I, like assuredly many before and after me, pine for the era when the titans of the left of the dial were just getting started, when no one was truly sure, for example, if the modest, jangly, verbally obscure band from Athens, Georgia had only album of note in them or if they were poised for greater accomplishments.

The music critics quoted in the ad for Reckoning, the sophomore album from R.E.M., certainly listened. I, and my compatriots, did, too.

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