This Week’s Model — Francis of Delirium, “Let It All Go”


Sometimes I can be made to believe that there are bands out there capable of reviving the bristling rock that dominated college radio a couple decades back, before the wonders of technology meant everyone could make lush pop and the only way for emerging musical artists to express themselves was by bashing out sounds with the most basic of tools. Francis of Delirium, a duo comprised of vocalist-guitarist Jana Bahrich and drummer Chris Hewett, are one of those bands. “Let It All Go,” their new track from the forthcoming EP Wading, has a bound-up fury and welling intensity that’s reminiscent of the Pixies circa Doolittle or maybe the Get Up Kids before they they embraced sonic shellac. By the time Bahrich repeatedly yowls, “Aren’t you tired of being alone?” against a wall of precise, thunderous rock, I’m officially enthralled. I only wish I were listening in a humble, left-of-the-dial air studio wallpapered with raggedy posters, preferably in the hours when night is giving way to overnight, yelling along in solidarity.

Wading is scheduled for release in April.

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