This Week’s Model — Petey and Miya Folick, “Haircut”

“Just scroll through my feed to see a history of emotional haircuts,” Miya Folick offers as explanation for why she immediately connected to the song started and offered to her by her musical collaborator Petey.

Including an invocation of “a quarter-life crisis” and Folick singing about her shaved head prompting the question “Did you go to the barber, ask for a Natalie Portman?,” the track is filled with pitch-perfect details. And the music matches the smart, observant lyrics, chugging along with an indie-rock skitter than can be interpreted as either verve or anxiety, depending on the moment. It’s been a long, long time since I spun in my own twenty-something eddy of uncertainty, but I recognized every ounce of the fermenting feelings packed into this song.

“Haircut” is available for purchase on the Terrible Records Bandcamp page.

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