Outside Reading — One of Us edition

A Bronx Upstart. A Logo With a Tilt. Now It’s Everywhere. by Shane Goldmacher

I wrote about the inspired messaging of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s inaugural political campaign three years ago, right after her upset victory in the primary set her on the path to become of the most famous, and nastily targeted, members of Congress. In today’s New York Times, Shane Goldmacher delivers a fascinating article about the many, many candidates, from first-graders on up, who have eagerly copied the sterling design sense Ocasio Cortez and her cohorts brought (and continue to bring) to their communication efforts. I’ve typed it before and I’ll type it again: Ocasio Cortez is going to be one of the most significant change-makers that U.S. politics has ever seen.

Who Should John Mulaney Be Now? by Jesse David Fox

Writing for Vulture, Jesse David Fox reports from the John Mulaney’s opening night of a five-date mini-residency at New York’s City Winery, the comic’s first stage appearances after a new stint in rehab and, as it turns out, making several other unexpected appearances in the more gossipy corners of the media. Fox sort of review the show. Better than that, he puts everything into proper context, considering the totality of Mulaney’s art and public persona in a way that rightly acknowledges him as of one the strongest current practitioners of standup comedy. It’s a smart piece that brings real critical acumen to a form of entertainment that usually doesn’t get such informed, insightful analysis.

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