Outside Reading — We Rebuild What You Destroy edition

The Linda Lindas meet their heroes, in 2019 (via)

‘Whoa, this is crazy’: L.A. teen punks the Linda Lindas on going viral (just before finals) by August Brown

Playing at the L.A. Public Library is the new South by Southwest, it seems. The live set by youthful punk act the Linda Lindas recently grabbed the online cognoscenti by the lapels of their sleeveless suit jacket, with furious hit “Racist, Sexist Boy” as the clear standout song. Epitaph Records quickly signed them, and the music press knocked each other over for the privilege of writing up breathless, starstruck profiles. This article, published by The Los Angeles Times, nicely captures the specialness of the band and this moment they’re having.

Welcome to the Space Jam, Again by Gina Cherelus and Caity Weaver

Writing for The New York Times, Gina Cherelus and Caity Weaver provide an astute overview of one of the great relics of the interweb, the digital anchor that is the Space Jam Web site. Delightfully, there’s real reporting in the piece, including reflections from many of the Warner Bros. personnel who were involved in marketing at the time the promotional trailblazer first went up. It’s a shame that the old-school cyber-celebration has been shunted to an archive section so the studio can promote their pending of the brand, but we’ll always have memories of the stellar souvenirs and lunar tunes.

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