Outside Reading —  Golden Palm edition

100 Bewildering Hours at Cannes by Rachel Handler

Festival de Cannes should always be covered with the tone of lightly aggrieved amusement that Rachel Handler brings to this piece. Or at least the calculated glamor of the French film showcase merits this sardonic scorn. Cheer the cinematic art on display, but stub out long, fashionable cigarettes right in the eye of the needy celebrity culture that swirls of the carpeted stairways that lead to the screening palaces. This article is published by New York.

Yuck by Jiayang Fan

This showed up an issue of The New Yorker a couple months back. I’m always several issues behind on the publication, making me a latecomer to Jiayang Fan’s splendid piece that takes a visit to the Disgusting Food Museum, a tourist trap in Sweden, as the starting point for a broader analysis of food culture. In particular, she brings moving, personal insight to the cultural prejudice that drives judgmental condemnation of certain foods as unpalatable, as if taste isn’t contextual and can instead be stated as a universal, unassailable truth.

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