This Week’s Model — Sleigh Bells, “Locust Laced”


The quality of the new cut from Sleigh Bells that I admire most is the way it take the tried-and-true tricks the band has been plying since the jump and gives them a winning spruce-up. On “Locust Laced,” the jackhammer-burst guitar riff, the salacious-cheerleader cadence, and the electrified verve to the undulating melody all feel familiar. Upon those support beams, vocalist Alexis Krauss and multi-instrumentalist Derek Miller string bold and surprising audio decorations. None of it is fussy; it all slots in properly as part of the song’s combustible energy.

“Locust Laced” is on the album Texis, the fifth from Sleigh Bells. It’s scheduled for release in September.

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