This Week’s Model — Weakened Friends, “Quitter”

Hailing from Portland (the Maine one, not the Oregon one), Weakened Friends hit that fuzzy-end-of-the-lollipop sweet spot with their new single, “Quitter.” It’s got all the elements that time served in my particular era — or eras, really — of college radio made me predisposed to find irresistible: the buzzy guitars, the proudly pessimistic lyrics (“Now they sit and point their fingers/ My hands are tied behind my back/ But that feeling always lingers/ Like I’m just about to crack”), and the pogoing chorus made for shouting along. The cut sounds like Jen Trynin fronting Superchunk. I mean, come on. Of course I’m going to like it.

Quitter, the sophomore album from Weakened Friends, is scheduled for release in November.

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