This Week’s Model — Jenny Lewis, “Puppy and a Truck”

On her new single “Puppy and a Truck,” Jenny Lewis reaches a pinnacle of easygoing self-assurance. As a songwriter, Lewis forged her legend, alongside her Rilo Kiley bandmates, by crafting pointed, poignant, decorticating songs about living with depression. Her process of growing up in public has often included acknowledgement that the messiness remains and a tang of gratitude for the ways in which she’s learned to temper the troubles, finding some version of emotionally scattered grace. With a gentle rhythm and twang-adjacent melody and vocals, Lewis’s latest track pins her current contentment to canine companionship and having the right vehicle to make the open road her playground. Her recent tour partner, a fluffster named Bobby Rhubarb, is afforded special affection in the lyrics, just as it should be: “I need a dog that’s hypoallergenic/ In the poodle milieu and photogenic/ Don’t shed, don’t bark/ And can play in the band.”

There’s no official announcement of a new full-length from Jenny Lewis, but surely one has got to be coming soon. Bobby needs kibble.

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