Outside Reading — Dereliction of Duty edition

A view of the “In America: Remember” public art piece in remembrance of those in the U.S. who died of COVID-19.

The Trump Administration Created Its Own Reality on the Pandemic and Failed the Country by Charles P. Pierce

Over seven hundred and fifty thousand dead in the United States from COVID-19, at a minimum. This enormous number was preventable. Instead, the marauders who were in the White House at the time, appointed by technicality rather than elected by popular majority or even plurality, didn’t care about their responsibility to serve the citizenry. Worse, they continually hamstrung the civil servants who had professional lifetimes of expertise that prepared them to mitigate the effects of just such a pandemic. Writing for Esquire, Charles P. Pierce explicates the case against the culpable administration with his customary acuity.

And, as ever, there is no justice.

White Men on Trial by Charles M. Blow

Two men dead on the streets of Kenosha. Charles M. Blow wrote this editorial, and The New York Times published it, before the predictable and appalling verdict was handed down in Judge Bruce Schroeder’s courtroom, the repugnant outcome coaxed into being by the robed scoundrel at every turn. The article offers no prediction, but the sense of inevitably — of seething fury at sanctioned cruelty — is deep in its bones. That’s largely because Blow doesn’t confine himself to the trial of the young man who unquestionably killed Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber. He tracks a startling long list of affronts against decency and coddling of the perpetrators by the supposed mechanisms of accountability, all of the awfulness happening in the last week. It is a miserable state of affairs, reportedly on calmly, clearly, and with refined righteousness.

And, as ever, there is no justice.

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