Outside Reading — I Am Lrrr, Ruler of the Planet Omicron Persei 8

What’s in a Name? If It’s Omicron, a Minor Marketing Challenge. by Shane O’Neill

Writing for The New York Times, Shane O’Neil offers a wry survey of the various businesses and organizations that have run into headaches as COVID-19 variant names cycle through the Greek alphabet. The hardships are mild, and many of the businesses do a nifty job of making lemonade with circumstances, including a Wisconsin diner that quickly sold out of a stock of freshly printed “I got a Corona at Omicron” t-shirts. As caseloads tick upward again, frustratingly so, the occasional diversionary story such as this one is very welcome.

Don’t Be Surprised When You Get Omicron by Yasmin Tayag

As we all brace for the new COVID-19 variant, which is effectively doing the virus thing of consistently evolving to get better at evading our tactics for avoiding it, I appreciate clear-eyed assessments of the terrain of our ongoing public health crisis. Yasmin Tayag’s piece is exactly that. This article is published by The Atlantic.

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