This Week’s Model — Young Guv, “It’s Only Dancin”

As side hustles go, Young Guv is a nice one. Ben Cook used to play guitar for Fucked up and still serves as frontman for the group No Warning. He also scratches an itch for retro pop under the guise of a band called Young Guv. “It’s Only Dancin,” the new single from YoungGuv, is splendid bit of power pop that could have swooped through the clouds at any point from 1979 onward. It sounds a little like the result of Tom Petty stepping out on the Heartbreakers to have a little fling fronting the Fabulous Poodles. I don’t know if I want to live in the alternate reality where that happened, but I sure want to play the jukebox there.

If nothing else, I’m clearly going to be partial to a fellow who expresses this sentiment in this age and day:

GUV III & IV, the new album from Young Guv, is scheduled for release in March 2022.

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