This Week’s Model — Wings of Desire, “Perfect World”


Sometimes what I really need is a lush piece of throwback dream pop, tinged with post-punk sensibility and somehow melancholy and triumphal simultaneously. I suspect there is a time when we all need that. That time is February.

The band Wings of Desire is comprised of Chloe Little and James Taylor, former members of INHEAVEN. It’s undoubtedly telling that they took their name from the revered 1987 cinematic drift directed by Wim Wenders. Their Facebook biography is a useful reference, too, declaring themselves akin to “a Factory-era creative outlet for a disenfranchised generation” and concluding, “Wings Of Desire is simply a mirror to the planetary shift.” Their new single, “Perfect World,” amazingly manages to tell the forlornly romantic story. It’s ache made into melodic beauty, the perfect accompaniment for soaring through the grayest of clouds.

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