Outside Reading — Flight of the Bumblebee edition

In Wisconsin: Stowing Mowers, Pleasing Bees by Anne Readel

Given what’s happening this weekend, it seems fitting to share a couple articles that have ties — for me, anyway — to the City of Wonderful Water. The first is this genial bit of reporting about the new prevalence of No Mow May campaigns across the state of Wisconsin, including in Stevens Point. Anne Readel, who wrote the piece and took the photographs that accompany it, even includes a quote from the city’s mayor, a gentleman I know fairly well from crisscrossing paths mapped by a certain contest of questions and answers. This article is published by The New York Times.

Guest Post: Tim Quirk

To my knowledge, Too Much Joy singer Tim Quirk never set foot in Stevens Point, but his voice has had a strong presence on airwaves within the city limits for decades now. When I was a student broadcaster and leader at the college radio station, Too Much Joy were played so much that they were practically our house band. Quirk is also a great writer about music. Pinch-hitting on Robert Christgau’s Substack, Quirk delivers this entertaining article about the intersections between performers and critics.

And in the occasional Outside Viewing subsection of this weekly post, I give you this absolute gem from a Minneapolis television station that made quite a find while searching through some old news footage.

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