This Week’s Model — Linqua Franqa, “Oh Fxck”


I come by the selections for this weekly feature in a variety of ways, but I think this is the first time the cut in question first found my earholes because it was lobbed into my social media feeds by the creator of said cut, who also happens to be a person whose weekly timecards I once approved. Linqua Franqa is the stage name of Mariah Parker, a podcaster, pending doctor of linguistics, and bad-ass county commissioner in Athens, Georgia. She’s also an alumnus of Warren Wilson College, where I hung my professional hat for a time. Parker was dynamic then, and she’s a powerhouse now.

Because Parker evidently has the intellectual energy of a small battalion of creative thinkers, she’s also been making new music. “Oh Fxck,” the track she released this week, is, as she explains, “about stealing your girl, who then becomes an antifascist Jacobin subscriber.” Elsewhere, she humbly deemed it “a bop (in my opinion).” That’s a proposition from the commissioner that I will gladly cosign.

Bellringer, the new album from Linqua Franqa, is available today.

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