This Week’s Model — Sunflower Bean, “In Flight”

This is exactly the sort of breezy melancholy I’m looking for in my summer jams. Set against a shuffling indie-rock rhythm and lithe synth and guitars, the track expresses that sense of stasis that twentysomething scufflers have been humming about for ages: “Nothing ever changes in this town/ The people die or they move out/ Everyone but me.” It’s also about the possibility of escaping those anesthetizing environs, grabbing the hand — both metaphorically and literally — of another and taking a chance on striking out and, as the title implies, taking flight. The song is wistful and wise, tinged with hesitant hope, and its pining chorus takes hold like one of Saint Etienne’s easygoing, insidious hooks. It’s radiant.

Headful of Sugar, the new album from Sunflower Beam, releases today.

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