This Week’s Model — Beyoncé, “Break My Soul”

I was a relative latecomer to the kingdom of Beyoncé, but I’m a devoted subject now. Given the opportunity I will expound at tedious length on why Lemonade is rivaled by only Fiona Apple’s Fetch the Bolt Cutters in any serious attempt to determine the best album of the past ten years. I now understand, fully and truly, why the college kids I worked with a decade or so ago were beside themselves when new Beyoncé music arrived Santa Claus magic in the middle of the night.

“Break My Soul” is the lead single from the true and proper follow-up to Lemonade (not a collaboration with her hubby, not a live album, not a movie tie-in). It is everything I want it to be: stridency set to a penetrating groove, Beyoncé expounding empowerment like its the most natural thing in the world, like unperturbed confidence is the correct weapon to wield against oppression. The track insinuates in the best possible way, settling in so deeply that it’s like it was always there.

Renaissance, the new album from Beyoncé, is scheduled for release in July.

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