Outside Reading — P.S. and By the Way edition

Reality Bit, but She Bit Back. by Jason Zinoman

Writing for The New York Times, Jason Zinoman considers the defiantly iconoclastic career of Janeane Garofalo. Although he makes his point in part by conveniently eliding an acting career that’s remained fairly busy and occasionally very mainstream (including stints as a series regular on 24 and a Criminal Minds franchise spinoff), Zinoman is still compelling as he explores the generationally specific legend’s seemingly strategic choice to stay on the outskirts of her foundational profession of standup comedy, leading to real thoughtfulness on the evolution of the once devastating concept of “selling out.” It’s especially fascinating to see how the author manages to provide a convincingly complete portrait of Garofalo when she declined overtures to be interviewed for the story.

A New Lexicon That Is Proudly African American by Elizabeth A. Harris

This news article about an in-progress project by the Oxford University Press that will result in the publication of a dictionary that documents, traces, and honors the contributions of African-Americans to the English language. Reporter Elizabeth A. Harris offers a few specific examples and cites some previous, far-less-ambitious versions of the same sort of tome, such as the pamphlet branded to Cab Calloway that’s pictured above. It’s truly staggering to consider the amount U.S. culture has stolen from Black people while systems treat them with criminal levels of derision. This article is published by The New York Times.

‘Everybody Needs Some Oxygen’: What It’s Like to Be a Reliever on the Run by Emma Baccellieri

People, this is simply sports journalism as its most exceptional.

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