This Week’s Model — Caroline Polachek, “Sunset”

In the time since Caroline Polachek moved on from the breakup of her band Chairlift, it’s sometimes seemed like she’s everywhere doing everything. Her debut solo album, Pang, was released in 2019 to widespread acclaim, but it’s more than that. In an almost Bridgers-esque way, Polachek seems to merry-go-round her way back into the indie music conversation with regularity: a new standalone single here, a New Yorker feature there, and maybe an aria written for an opera about Kurt Cobain to really keep everyone on their toes. I’ll admit that Polachek’s output can sometimes become a blur for me. “Sunset,” her latest single, is another matter: It stands out.

The track starts with a hint of flamenco before Polachek starts singing with that voice that sounds earthy and otherworldly at the same time. The music lounges and the lyrics race, giving the whole enterprise a dizzying thrill. The words acknowledge hard times but are mainly steeped in celebratory endurance, sometime with a touch of wry wit: “I’m wearing black to mourn thе sudden loss of innocence/ And that’s alright bеcause it hides the dirt and hides the wine.” It’s absolutely grand.

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