Outside Reading —Lessons edition

I’m a Teacher in Florida. The Anti-LGBTQ Rules Are Making the Job Nearly Impossible. by Abigail McLeod

Writing for Slate, Florida teacher Abigail McLeod details the challenges she and her colleagues face in adhering to the vague, cruel, and unpredictably pliable strictures put in place by reprehensible Republican politicians who are all to happy to persecute gay and trans kids as a means of playing to their fearful, bigoted base. As a treat, those politicians also get to engage in a couple of their favorite pastimes: demoralizing teachers and undercutting the effectiveness of the public school system. That the Republican party in its current form is allowed any input whatsoever into setting public policy is a national moral failing. That they’re potentially poised to gain even more power in the midterm elections is a blight. This article is published by Slate.

This Heir to a Fortune Wants It Taken Away for Fairness’ Sake by Emma Bubola

Writing for The New York Times, Emma Bubola profiles Marlene Engelhorn, one of the heirs to a family fortune built largely through chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Engelhorn is one of several in the uppermost of upper financial classes who are openly and actively advocating for an upending of broadly enacted governmental policies that perpetuate income inequality across generations and generally harm the greater citizenry so the obscenely wealthy can keep enjoying their Scrooge McDuck swan dives into swimming pools stocked with gold coins. Among the more compelling arguments Engelhorn makes is that this unfairly apportioned money is an affront to democracy itself.

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