Outside Reading — Tweet, Tweet Against the Dying of the Light edition

Messages projected onto Twitter HQ in San Francisco by projectionist activist Alan Marling. Marling has been projecting messages onto Bay Area buildings since 2017. He began doing it with Twitter in 2017 in protest of Donald Trump’s presence on the platform. | Photographer: Alan Marling (via)

Two Weeks of Chaos: Inside Elon Musk’s Takeover of Twitter by Kate Conger, Mike Isaac, Ryan Mac, and Tiffany Hsu

I begin with a low opinion of the emerald mine scion who fancies himself some sort of revolutionary thinker — and has duped a whole lot of terminally online broken dudes into believing that fallacy — but it’s still been astounding just how colossally terrible his stewardship of Twitter has been since he blundered into overspending for the social media platform. Four reporters for The New York Times offer this well-sourced recounting of the tumbling dominoes of bad, arrogant decisions implemented by Elon Musk and his team of amoral sycophants.

The Unexpected Gratitude of Eating Roast Chicken After Taking LSD by Jia Tolentino

While the psychedelic chicken pictured is impressive handiwork, the LSD-based chicken Jia Tolentino is referring to in the piece is of a far more conventional type. It’s the cookers and eaters who are warped by hallucinogens. An excerpt from a just-published essay collection edited by Zosia Mamet, the article is lively with Tolentino’s almost unparalleled ability to weigh specific experiences against the broader cultural context of how we live now.

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