Laughing Matters — Teen Girl Squad

Sometimes comedy illuminates hard truths with a pointed urgency that other means can’t quite achieve. Sometimes comedy is just funny. This series of posts is mostly about the former instances, but the latter is valuable, too.

The fifty-third time Strong Bad checked his email for the amusement of those who knew how to click in the right place, he received a query from someone named Brittany, who asked him to create a comic about her friends. From this prompt came the funniest recurring bit to grace the blinking pixels of Homestar Runner: Teen Girl Squad. Presented as a crudely animated version of the sequential art masterpiece Strong Bad rendered on lined notebook paper, the segments breeze as absurdist delights. I think it’s good that Homestar Runner didn’t keep going and going, but I sometimes do miss Teen Girl Squad.

Previous entries in this series can be found by clicking on the “Laughing Matters” tag.

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