Outside Reading — Canon Fire edition

The New Number One Film On Sight And Sound’s Greatest Movie List Is A Step Forward, But More Needs To Be Done by Erin Brady

Writing for /Film, Erin Brady considers the latest Sight and Sound list of the one hundred greatest films of all time, a once-a-decade occurrence that does as much as any other exercise or institution in cementing the cinematic canon. more specifically, she highlights the significant yet incomplete progress made by female and Black filmmakers on the list, a progress most notably realized with the newcomer to the top position. It is a valuable part of the ongoing attempt at reconsidering biases about what attributes, topics, and perspectives are automatically deemed important.

Joe Biden Is Realizing Trump’s ‘America First’ Vision by Eric Levitz

Here’s a timely reminder that all the rhetoric thrown around by Republicans in defense of the noble blue-collar worker is nothing but cheap lies, opportunistically deployed upon masses that the noise-machine maestros know are too weary from the grueling demands of their jobs to actually pay attention to government policy. Legislation passed by the Democrats and signed by President Joe Biden, including the CHIPS and Science Act and the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 are full of protections for U.S. workers and incentives for manufacturers to make investments in this country rather than overseas (such as Nissan’s announcement they’ll make two new electric vehicles at their Canton, Mississippi plant, which amounts to a half-billion dollar commitment). The GOP thunders about supporting the labor force, but it’s the Democrats who actually do it. Eric Levitz writes about the real-world impacts of the Democrats’ signature achievements for New York.

Why former slave states became the foundation for American gun culture by Nick Buttrick

Nick Buttrick works down the street from me, at the University of Wisconsin. In this pieces, he writes about his research on the history of gun worship in the U.S. (a relatively recent phenomenon, despite the falsehoods of grand history propagated by the NRA and other political ghouls) and shows how much it’s been driven by lingering bigotry in seditious states that were on the wrong side of the Civil War. His conclusions have the weight of academic rigor, which only makes them that much more dismaying. The link above goes to the West Central Tribune, and the article was originally published by the Los Angeles Times.

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