Outside Reading — Hostile Climate edition

I’m a Scientist Who Spoke Up About Climate Change. My Employer Fired Me. by Rose Abramoff

Writing for The New York Times, Rose Abramoff recounts her experience engaging in wholly understandable — if deliberately disruptive — activism informed by her accumulated knowledge as an earth scientist who specializes in climate change. For her attempts to rouse public awareness of the direness of the situation, Abramoff was ousted from a conference and fired from her position, actions made on the faulty basis that scientists should be fully disengaged from positions viewed as political. The problem, of course, is that advocating for action in the face of climate crisis should be a standard stance of the scientific community. It has been politicized only because the media allows the right wing to define the terms of truth when they disingenuously claim persecution when they express retrograde views based on pure fiction. It’s worth adding that the same print edition of the newspaper included the following headline: The Last 8 Years Were the Hottest on Record.

Kick me in the nuts
at a pre-arranged time
by Molly Young

Molly Young writes about attempting to learn Spanish as an adult. It’s a brisk, breezy essay, abundant with Young’s wry, inventive turns of phrase. I recognize and relate to so many of the fleeting details here, particularly the enduring regret that bygone educational opportunities were underutilized because the various systems allow for cunning thinkers to succeed while going no deeper than surface level. She published this piece in her own newsletter, The Life and Errors of Molly Young.

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