This Week’s Model — Indigo De Souza, “Younger & Dumber”

In the pantheon of great opening stanzas, I would like to submit the following new entry: “When I was younger/ Younger and dumber/ Felt like a flower/ You came to pick me/ From out of the city/ You turned me sour.” The freshly released cut from Indigo De Souza moves at a steady simmer and feels like a roiling boil, the emotions of the lyrics swaddled by rich, complex music. “Younger and Dumber” aches and swells. It holds explosive power without ever quite fracturing. De Souza made one of the very best albums of 2021, and this is a promising sign that her follow-up outing is at the same exemplary level.

All of This Will End, De Souza’s third album, is scheduled for release in April.

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