This Week’s Model — boygenius, “Not Strong Enough”

My intention with these recurring posts under the This Week’s Model banner is to always highlight my favorite new song released during the preceding seven days, but there are a few sub-rules I try to follow. For instance, in order to spread the love, my preference is to select only one advance track from an artist’s forthcoming. If other great ones come along, and they often do, I’m generally more inclined to automatically consign them to undesignated runner-up status in my silly little mentally waged competition. There are lots of new tracks I like this week, even more than usual. But it also feels ridiculous to pretend that any of them sets me to beaming elation more than “Not Strong Enough,” the latest from boygenius. From the opening acoustic strum onward, I am utterly hooked, freshly stunned at the way everything I admire about Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus cascades together into a majestic waterfall of emotionally potent music when they work together.

As noted previously, The Record, the first full-length from boygenius, is scheduled for release in late March.

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