The Art of the Sell — Geeks Reunion for Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

These posts celebrate the movie trailers, movie posters, commercials, print ads, and other promotional material that stand as their own works of art.

I am tuned into the nerdier parts of the culture just enough that I was aware there was new film inspired by the classic TSR game Dungeons & Dragons that was stirring up all sorts of excitement. Aside from the details about buzzy convention previews and a few cast members, I knew little else. For instance, it entirely escaped my notice that this attempt at launching a new bigscreen franchise was co-directed by John Francis Daley. As a cinematic helmer (in partnership with Jonathan Goldstein), Daley has made one lousy movie and one that was pretty dang good. His track record in the director’s chair isn’t really of all that much interest, though. Instead, I would have taken great satisfaction in the fact that the person who once played all-time great geek Sam Weir was making a film adaptation of the game that was so treasured by his former character.

Luckily, the promotional team assigned to Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves didn’t miss the connection. I guarantee this is no conceivable method they could have taken to inspire more immediate affection from me for the film than staging a reunion of Daley, Martin Starr, and Samm Levine on a set meticulous recreated from the one where the lads memorably last tumbled dice together, in the Freaks and Geeks episode “Discos and Dragons.” This, my friends, is how I can be compelled to buy a ticket.

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