Spectrum Check

I contributed a couple of pieces this week at Spectrum Culture. On the film side, I reviewed a French film based on a true story involving terrorists hijacking an airplane. While I didn’t expend much effort on this angle in the review, it’s sometimes very odd to see French filmmakers wrestle with the some of the established mechanics of action movies and thrillers without applying their deconstructionist tendencies. It really does wind up landing in some nether region between United 93 and Passenger 57.

In the Music section, I reviewed the debut full-length effort from Alabama Shakes. From the editorial reaction to my fairly tepid review, it seems this one has been getting quite a bit of hype. I’ll concede it may very well grow on me, but it strikes me as little more than a decent rock record.

Finally, I pitched in on this week’s List Inconsequential, writing about a 2002 volume of a lengthy biography, the forthcoming new installment of which is getting quite a bit of hype itself.

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