Spectrum Check

Through a combination of personal foresight and editorial generosity, I didn’t have anything new go up this past week at Spectrum Culture. Good thing I took the occasion of scrapping and scrambling for valuable Trivia points to sluff off this regular update last week, meaning I do have some words to redirect curious souls towards.

On the film side, I reviewed a new documentary on Ricky Jay, the noted sleight of hand artist and curious curator of all manner of ancient and enduring chicanery. The movie has its strengths and weaknesses, but what I really wanted to write was that it failed in the necessary task of topping the essential New Yorker profile of Jay. That’s what it needed to do in order to have a real reason for being.

I also had several unkind observations to offer regarding the new Marnie Stern album. While I found my way to a few a hundred words, I once again could have offered something far more succinct: every time I listened, this thing gave me a headache.

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