College Countdown: 90FM’s Top 90 of 1996, 78 and 77

78. White Zombie, Supersexy Swingin’ Sounds

Perhaps every generation gets the Renaissance Man it deserves. The former Robert Bartleh Cummings first found fame as the co-founder and driving creative force behind the band White Zombie, a group with which he shared an adopted second half of a name. The group released four proper studio albums from the late-eighties to the early-nineties, with the remix effort Supersexy Swingin’ Sounds serving as their official parting shot in 1996. Featuring modified fan favorites with parenthetical names such as “Meet Bambi in the King’s Harem Mix” and “Sex on the Rocks Mix,” the album was an ideal way to scrape a few more dimes away from the devote record-buyers who’d lifted both their prior two efforts to the double-platinum range. To their credit, White Zombie hasn’t opted for any sort of cash-in reunions as of yet. That may be in part because Rob Zombie has had himself a reasonably successful solo career, mitigating the need to get the old band back together. The music has also increasingly seemed like a sideline to his day job of filming people who are using the sliced off faces of others as masks.

77. Midnight Oil, Breathe

If I’m counting correctly, Breathe was the ninth studio album released by the Australian band Midnight Oil, coming out nearly a decade after their widely lauded 1987 breakthrough, Diesel and Dust. While they still commanded attention in their homeland, their influence stateside had largely waned, with the album peaked at a measly #155 on the Billboard charts and only the most devoted college radio stations still paying attention. In many ways, the music still sounds like characteristic Midnight Oil, although their weirdly seemed to be chasing the airy, accessible grunge-lite then practiced quite successfully by bands like Everclear and the Presidents of the United States of America. Midnight Oil actually stuck it longer than might be expected (or remembered, anyway), releasing two more albums before dissolving the name, in large part so lead singer Peter Garrett could put his money where his mouthed lyrics were and go into politics.

An Introduction
–90 and 89: Antichrist Superstar and Three Snakes and One Charm
–88 and 87: No Code and Unplugged
–86 and 85: Greatest Hits Live and Gilded Stars and Zealous Hearts
–84 and 83: To the Faithful Departed and God’s Good Urges
–82 and 81: Billy Breathes and Sweet F.A.
–80 and 79: The Process and Test for Echo

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