Spectrum Check

So while I spend my morning wishing some rain away, I’ll share the pieces I contributed to Spectrum Culture this week. I was present in both the film and movie sections, including a review of the sophomore effort by Little Boots. I’ll admit–as I essentially do right in the text of the review–that I sometimes feel a little out of my depth when writing on more electronica-based releases, but I must admit that I’m fairly pleased with the way in which I described the song “Every Night I Say a Prayer.”

On the film side, I reviewed a a film set in Ireland that follows an eighteen-year-old whose impulsive act one night has serious consequences. It’s one of those films that’s interesting and intrigues about the promise of the director without being completely accomplished in its own right.

Finally, I threw a few words at our latest list, a survey of the worst summer blockbusters across the past twenty-five years or so. I’ll just say that I fought very hard to get the film I wrote on included.

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