Spectrum Check

I was irritated that I had a day this past week when I plainly gave up on writing a post for this space. Here’s part of the reason why: I wrote an awful lot for Spectrum Culture this week.

First, I wrote about the new album from Washed Out, which I think is a significant improvement on the full-length debut from a couple years back. I asked for the release because it’s a little different material for me, and I thought it would be a good stretch for me. When I sat down to write the review last weekend, I was regretting that ambition. It was a labor to get it out, but, as has been the case in some previous instances that found me venturing a little further afield, I’m pleased with the finished piece.

In the film section, I honored my marital obligation to snare interesting-looking horror films at every reasonable opportunity, reviewing Chad Crawford Kinkle’s Jug Face. I may have found my way to this one regardless, but I’ll note that the film was on my radar after it was one of the first reviews to go up at The Dissolve, the new Pitchfork-funded movie website largely populated by some of my favorite Onion AV Club evacuees.

I also took the latest installment of the Oeuvre series on the films of Vincente Minnelli, writing on Undercurrent, an odd and out-of-character soft film noir from 1946. Like the my previous spin with Minnelli in the feature, it’s elements are interesting–particularly how it fits into the revered director’s career–but it just doesn’t cohere as a movie, again in part because of casting missteps.

Finally, I wrote on a couple different albums as we started a trek through the greatest “greatest hits” albums of all time, as voted by the writing staff.

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