Spectrum Check

We’re winding down to the end of the year at Spectrum Culture, so there’s a lot going into prep for that. I’m spending so much time trying trying to assemble my various lists–mostly extensive listening and re-listening to the most interesting music of the year–that keeping up with the new stuff week to week becomes kind of dizzying. For example, I have to keep reminding myself that I’ve got a late contender for the Best Albums list in the latest from White Denim. This also represents one of the few times (maybe the first time) that I’ve returned to a band after reviewing an earlier album on the site.

Music was also a major part of my contribution to the film side of the site, as I reviewed the new documentary about Kathleen Hanna. It’s one of many rock ‘n’ roll documentaries I’ve taken a pass at, especially, it seems, over the course of the past year. There’s plenty of appeal to the film, but it has some of the most commonplace flaws of music docs made by devotees of the artist being examined, a problem I suspect is going to become even more prevalent as Kickstarter becomes the main driver of indie film funding.

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