Beers I Have Known — Hopkins Brewing Company Hipster AF

This series of posts is dedicated to the many, many six packs, pony kegs and pints that have sauntered into my life at one point or another.

hopkins image

I’ve become a little complacent about the ease in which the supercomputer I carry around in my pocket can lead me to unknown attractions. Recently, I was reminded of the pleasure that comes from taking a little different approach when traveling than the pinpoint research of online hunting. So I grabbed a couple of local newspapers when I settled in for breakfast during a trip to Salt Lake City. As I flipped through the pages, I discovered all sorts of possibilities, including a recommendation for a local craft brewery, the sort of place I didn’t necessarily expect to find in the metropolis that sits under the banner of heaven.

A thick, cloudy dry hopped concoction that borders on the dangerous, the Hopkins Brewing Company Hipster AF rewarded my extra research effort. Thanks for the assist, local media in Salt Lake City. I’m grateful for your continued work.

Previous entries in this series can be found by clicking on the “Beers I Have Known” tag.

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