This Week’s Model — Jay Som, “Superbike”

jay som

The press release connected to “Superbike,” the new single by Jay Som, states her goal was to sound like Cocteau Twins and Alanis Morissette. I can’t say I hear everyone’s favorite jagged little Canadian on the track, but the honey-soaked luxury of Cocteau Twins is clear as can be, albeit spruced up with a wistful sunniness that recalls the Sundays. The music is soft as a feathered pillow, even when the rich shoegaze guitar swells up on the song’s back half. The vocals have their own waft as Melina Duterte sings, “Now you’re waiting in the light/ Patiently to my surprise,” the sparse poetry managing to sketch in an entire relationship.

Anak Ko, the album that’s home to “Superbike” arrives toward the end of the summer. I’m going to have to muster my own patience, it seems.

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