This Week’s Model — Weeping Icon, “Like Envy”

weeping icon

Raw and brilliantly vicious, “Like Envy” burbles up like magma from beneath the planet’s surface, spreading out to scald anyone in its way. The new single from New York band Weeping Icon bears characteristics familiar from Sonic Youth window-rattlers of olden days: snarling guitar, drums that strike and careen, an archly cool female voice lamenting damaged cultural structures in a tone that somehow exists in the netherworld between speaking and singing. The concerns couldn’t be more modern, though, as Sara Fantry intones the robotic plea “Do you like my content?” The track is burnished steel being rapidly eaten away by miraculously fast-acting corrosion.

“Like Envy” appears on Weeping Icon’s forthcoming self-titled LP, and the track serves as a caustic enticement, a promise of more amazing noise. Given enough time, Weeping Icon just might liberate us all from male, white, corporate oppression.

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