Outside Reading — Chicken Run edition


The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Is Here to Save America by Helen Rosner

In a divided age, when every day brings a new flurry of reasons for exhausting outrage at the crumbling norms of the republic, it was nice to have a little stretch in which the most animated online exchanges revolved around fast food sandwiches. I have no personal stance to take on the new fried chicken sandwich on Popeyes, but I’ve delighted in the weird spectacle. And the pinnacle of it all was this marvelously structured piece by Helen Rosner, writing for The New Yorker. The story that frames the article is a gem, and Rosner’s serious approach to considering the menu item as a dish to be critically analyzed is even better.


The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction is the Best Place on the Internet by MH Rowe


While we’re on the subject of brief, blissful relief from the scalding procession of misery delivered with tireless efficiency by news sites and social media, MH Rowe’s celebration of the online version of the The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction begins with that very premise. Published by Literary Hub, the article posits that the fluid, densely researched, and deeply considered entries of the digitized compendium of genre-specific information is one of the few places on the world wide web worth a visit. To a degree, Rowe has it easy. Simply listing the basic details of the the reference site makes for interesting reading. Rowe digs a little deeper, though, articulating with conviction why the online encyclopedia is special, including a compare-and-contrast look at changes to the entry on Ursula K. Le Guin after her death that solidly illustrate the value of the resource’s dynamic qualities.

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