This Week’s Model — Sorry, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Star”


In this age and day, it takes some moxie to adopt a band name that isn’t particularly distinctive. When establishing dominance over Google search results is at least part of the strategy for reaching an audience and therefore heightening chances for professional survival. So allow a little extra appreciation for the U.K. band Sorry, which is sure to place behind a fleet of public apologies and at least one board game whenever goes hunting for them in the digital space.

Then again, maybe the mission should be about making good music whether than search engine optimization. If that’s the theory, Sorry is doing quite well, thanks. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Star,” moves with a buzzy prowl, sounding a little like the Kills in their dizzying prime. While tightly controlled, the track feels like it can smash through a guardrail at any moment, careening off to set its own damn roadway. Plenty of people are going to find Sorry and be downright delighted they did.

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