This Week’s Model — Margaret Glaspy, “Devotion”


I became a devotee of singer-songwriter Margaret Glaspy shortly after the release of her debut album, Emotions and Math. As often as I returned to the studio recorded etched into that record’s grooves, my regular urge to once again hear her meticulously crafted songs was just as commonly sated by interwebbing up one of the handful on live, pared-down performances she gave while making the promotional rounds. These weren’t grand reinventions, nor did they have an added purity that can emerge when an overproduced artist delivers an “unplugged” version of their songs. But there was an added charm that I found irresistible maybe because it was easier in those instances to see Glaspy racing up to the on-ramp to the highway populated by great singer-songwriter of pop music.

So as much as I’ve admired the procession songs Glaspy has shared in advance of her sophomore full-length, Devotion, I fully caved when the title cut arrived this week with the customary studio version, but also with a gleaming live session. It is sweet and lovely, infused with feeling. It is wonderful.


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