This Week’s Model — Billy Bragg, “Can’t Be There Today”

billy bragg

I think this bloke says it best:

bragg tweet

Stephen William Bragg has spent the last forty years, give or take, surveying a tumultuous world and making sense of what he sees through the grounded poetry of his lyrics, often accompanied by a trusty acoustic guitar. Politically astute, socially empathetic, and a whip-smart thinker, Bragg has a way of getting straight to the core of a problem and finding the emotional poignancy that resides there. As we all keep our distance for the greater good, Bragg expresses the melancholy that arises from all the missed events and commemorations.

Like the bulk of his catalog, “Can’t Be There Today” is in dialogue with the moment in which it’s written. Thankfully, the technology exists to share the song now, when it’s needed the most.

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