Outside Reading — Purloined Pedagogy Premises edition


Land-grab universities by Robert Lee and Tristan Ahtone

In an amazing piece of investigative journalism and historical research, Robert Lee and Tristan Ahtone (and a team credited at the end of the article) detail the theft of Indigenous land that was integral to the Morrill Land Grant College Act in the mid eighteen-eighties that effectively created the modern higher education structure in the U.S. The meticulously written article is heartbreaking, infuriating, and exhausting all at the same time, in the way unique to accountings of the myriad of ways in which the prosperity of this nation is built on ruthless oppression and theft. The article is published by High Country News.


hollwyood studio club

The Lost History of L.A.’s Women-Only Hollywood Studio Club by Cari Beauchamp

This piece was published by Vanity Fair a couple months back, but our household just got around to it this week. The Hollywood Studio Club was a boarding house set up for aspiring starlets in Los Angeles. Cari Beauchamp tracks through the history of the place, including the stories — sometimes endearingly dishy — of many of the women who lugged their suitcases through the front door. The inclusion of a few characteristically snappy quotes from former resident and national treasure Rita Moreno is more than enough to make this piece invaluable.

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