This Week’s Model — Mavis Staples, “All In It Together”

my block my hood

In the photo, team members for the Chicago-based organization My Block, My Hood, My City are with a truck newly loaded with more than fifty boxes of supplies that will be taken to elderly residents as part of their Senior Viral Response initiative. The goal is to make sure the most vulnerable members of the community have hand sanitizer, toiletries, and other basic supplies to help them through this challenging time.

It might be difficult to discern from the national news coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic, but collective efforts to protect one another are happening everywhere, with astounding levels of empathy, generosity, and ingenuity. The incompetence, malfeasance, and petty cruelties of the marauders in the federal government’s executive branch continue unimpeded during the crisis. And the marauders’ craven disciples at the state level have proven to be even greater embarrassments, fully deserving to be relieved of duty as public servants. The citizens, though, have been largely heroic.

canavan tweet

This week, Mavis Staples released a new song, written and recorded with her favorite modern collaborator, Jeff Tweedy. The message is simple and vital. And all proceeds from the song are being given to My Block, My Hood, My City.

“All In It Together” is the anthem of our current moment.

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