Beers I Have Known — Ale Asylum FVCK COVID Pilsner

This series of posts is dedicated to the many, many six packs, pony kegs and pints that have sauntered into my life at one point or another.

fvck covid

I am lucky enough to divert my fretting away from my own household’s well-being to instead focus on the array of businesses — particularly favorite, local businesses — that are facing dire challenges due the measures properly taken to contain the current global pandemic. To the degree that we can, we’re doing our part to keep dollars flowing in the direction of the people whose efforts we value most. Among the targets of our commerce are local craft breweries, which have already taken a mighty hit in what might be the early stages of this lingering health calamity.

I also appreciate the ingenuity many are bringing to this dire moment, so I was very happy to rush out last week and trade a portion of my pay for a six-pack of FVCK COVID, the attention-getting new offering from Ale Asylum, arguably the pack leader my current city’s fine beer scene. Beyond the obviously appeal of the caustically charged name, the beer is dandy, a perfect, easy-drinking pilsner that offers the promise of gleaming summer days to come. It’s exactly the sort of beer that Wisconsin needs in the month of April under usual circumstances, when everyone in the state is sloughing off the heavy weight of winter and thinking of cookouts and ball games to come. Now this taste of summertime ease and freedom makes for a defiant swig, and it’s all the more pleasurable because of it.

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