This Week’s Model — Hinds, “Just Like Kids”


“Just Like Kids,” the new single from Hinds, is sunny, shiny, and beautifully bratty at the same time. With a punk-cool underpinning and a touch of the pop-turned-inside-out wild invention Wayne Coyne employed during the heyday of the Flaming Lips, Hinds directly addresses the condescending nonsense they regularly endure as a rock band populated exclusively by women. Making music is their job and their art, but that doesn’t stop unduly confident fools from stepping forward as unwanted consultants. “Can I tell you something about you and your band?/ Cause I’m sure you’d love to listen to my advice,” the song opens, and it only gets more frustrating from there. As with Kathleen Hanna at her fiery best, Hinds makes their venting cathartic, catchy, and brusquely hilarious.

The Prettiest Curse, the new album from Hinds, was set in early April and is now pandemic-delayed to June.

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