Outside Reading — Summer Playhouse edition


A Plea to the TV Networks: Please Release Your Unaired Pilots by Ben Lindbergh

I apologize to everyone. There have been many times when I’ve openly mused that it would be nice if we had an extended break creation of new movies and televisions programs to allow for more time to catch up on the multitude of past entertainments that I’ve missed. Evidently, I was holding a cursed monkey’s paw a few months ago when I muttered that idle wish. Writing for The Ringer, Ben Lindbergh takes the dearth of new productions as a prompt for an amazing pitch, calling upon the various networks and production houses to fill the void with the cache of unaired pilots. HBO alone could fill a full schedule with fascinating failures. I’ll start my wish list with a Greta Gerwig double feature of HBO’s The Corrections and CBS’s How I Met Your Dad.

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