Outside Reading — Driver’s Education edition

What Will Be The Impact Of Olivia Rodrigo’s “Drivers License” And Its Historically Massive Debut? by Chris DeVille

Given that I’m aging into decrepitude at an admirable pace, I suppose it’s entirely appropriate that I have only the barest knowledge of the popular music favored by the youngs. That typed, I think my detachment is attributable to something more than the disheartening long scroll I have to endure to get to my birth year anytime I enter it into a dropdown menu. The whole methodology of how and why a single climbs to hit status has grown increasingly particular and bizarre. Given that context, I found Chris DeVille’s analysis of the rapid, colossal success of Olivia Rodrigo’s track “Drivers License” to be utterly fascinating. This article is published by Stereogum.

Biden’s Covid-19 Plan Is Maddeningly Obvious by Ezra Klein

The last few days have been a happy blur of readjusting to what blandly competent governance and fundamental decency in high places feels like. Shortly before the Biden administration officially got underway, Ezra Klein examined the announced plan for addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, pointing out that its most notable characteristic is how unremarkable it is. As the nation races past over four hundred thousand fatalities with a confirmed connection to the disease that emerged just about a year ago. It didn’t need to be like this. Lives could have been saved and livelihoods protected, if only we hadn’t handed control of the country to the most venal, incurious, and incompetent leadership imaginable. This article is published by The New York Times.

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