Outside Reading —The Power to Play edition

An “Angry Mob” On Reddit Is Pushing Up GameStop’s Stock Price And Pissing Off A Bunch Of Wall Street Firms by Amber Jamieson

I haven’t been especially attentive to this week’s flashiest business story, the assault on the norms of Wall Street by a gaggle of proud miscreants from Reddit. This piece, published by BuzzFeed News early in the saga, is really all I need, mostly because Amber Jamieson brings precisely the right tone of amused vitriol to recounting the basic facts of hardscrabble outsiders playing by the rigged rules of our high-finance system, leaving the usual Armani-suit vultures wailing about the terrible injustice as they watch millions disappear from their accounts.

The Republican Retreat From Governance by Katelyn Burns

Over the last year or so, I’ve shared articles expressing similar sentiments as this one. It bears repeating. The Republican party has shed all pretense of political leadership in favor of a toxic philosophy of repression, bigotry, and, perhaps most inexplicably, obsequious devotion to a lifelong criminal who takes delight in bullying them and just a few weeks ago almost got some of them killed. The rots goes all the way down to individual states and municipalities large and small. As a party, they deserve to be cast out of public service permanently, Katelyn Burns wrote this article, and it is published by The New Republic.

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