Outside Reading —Till It’s Gone edition

Live Venues In Long Line Awaiting Aid by Stacy Cowley

Reporting for The New York Times, Stacy Cowley details the dire situation faced by performance venues across the nation, largely shuttered since last spring and without reasonable prospects for a business rebound anytime soon. There is focused financial help coming soon from the government, but, as with practically every other rickety gesture from elected officials during the global pandemic, it is overdue, uncertain, and probably inadequate. Even with vaccine distribution underway, I think it will be a long time before I feel safe in the midst of a club crowd, and I’m actively worried that the places I value most might not make it through to host sweaty, rollicking shows again. This news story rubs it in a bit for me by putting part of the focus on Asheville’s the Orange Peel, where I spent many a night.

The prevalence of domestic violence is staggering. It’s time to bring it out of the shadows by Moira Donegan

Evan Rachel Wood has been heroic in recent years, sharing her own painful history in part so she can advocate for safety and justice for others. This week, Wood named the abuser in her past, a man whose anonymity she previously preserved. In doing so, she helped empower other survivors to tell their stories. Writing for The Guardian, Moira Donegan explains why Wood’s brave gesture is especially important right now, when the isolation of pandemic lockdowns is pushing domestic violence back into the shadows.

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