This Week’s Model — Bachelor, “Stay in the Car”


I wonder if it’s even accurate to use the term side project to refer to Bachelor, the new band formed by Ellen Kempner, frontperson of Palehound, and Melina Duterte, who performs under the name Jay Som. Maybe those categorizations no longer apply. They can be cast aside, remnants of a bygone era when monomaniacal fans required assurance that, say, Pete Townshend noodling around with Ronnie Lane didn’t mean the imminent collapse of the Who. Now, maybe it’s okay for musicians to just make music, in any combinations and under any monikers they like.

When the music is as good as “Stay in the Car,” the new track from Bachelor, it doesn’t matter all that much what name is in the artist slot. This chunk of Breeders-esque, buzzy, catchy goodness is great whatever might be printed on the bass drum on the stage when it’s played live. Let’s hope seeing this played live in its proper setting — some sweaty, gruff, beer-odored club — in on the way soon. Go get your shots, people.

Doomin’ Sun, the first album from Bachelor, is scheduled for release at the end of May.

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